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    A composer is a guy who goes around forcing his will on unsuspecting air molecules, often with the assistance of unsuspecting musicians.


Welcome to the WiredTones Community, the room for all musicians can meet each other and show their existency to the world. Build your own profile, discover other musicians profile around you, share your talent and your musical work as a personal and as a band, or maybe you can form and promote your band in here! if you are not a musicians but a huge fans of music, explore the music experience that you never feel in your life. Just register your profile to our website, and let the world discover you!


BB King Died at 89
wired wired 4 years ago

TEST PAGEBB King, a blues legend, died at  89 in Las Vegas. Musicians around the world lost a legendary figure on Blues that helped to popularize electric blues and brought it to audiences for more than six decades, died Thursday in Las Vegas. He was 89. King,… Read More

Relation Between Music And Brain
wired wired 4 years ago

There is growing interest among TDLC scientists in the effects of music on the brain. Music is intrinsically temporal – it integrates sensory, motor and affective systems in the brain. Because of its temporal nature, it is an ideal focus for TDLC research, as… Read More

Symphony X Reveal Their Next Album
wired wired 4 years ago

It's about damn time- Symphony X will be releasing Underworld via Nuclear Blast Records on July 24 and I could not be more excited. 2011's Iconoclast was really good and considering the band keeps drawing parallels between this record and its earlier material,… Read More

TOTO Released New Album
wired wired 4 years ago

The band Toto is gearing up for a new album, its first studio effort in nearly a decade.Frontiers Music SRL will release Toto XIV in North America on March 24 and additional territories in the days before and after. The album will be available in multiple form… Read More




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